Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tall, Dark & Hungry by Lynsay Sands

When Terri flew from England to help her cousin with last minute plans for her wedding, she thought being put up with the groom's brother was odd, but it just gets weirder. She isn't sure what to make of the secretive, seductive Bastien, let alone his cousin, Vincent, an eccentric stage-actor who seems to be taking his latest role as Dracula a little too far. Before long Terri is falling fast for Bastien and he seems to be thinking the same way, but her painful past makes it hard for her to let herself get close to a man who seems to have more than a few problems of his own.

This is very much fluff-fiction, but it was entertaining. I found the characters interesting enough to keep me reading, despite their being stereotypical romance characters. I think the fact that they had some more serious backstory helped with that. I found the romance improbable and ridiculously fast-moving, but that's true of many light romances.

The writing was not the strong point of this book. It lacked a sense of the author's own touch, becoming so generic that it stood out. I also found the author's overuse of long, but common, words when a simpler one would suffice a bit distracting. On the other hand, some of the dialogue was pretty snappy, and the humor wasn't overdone most of the time.

2 Stars