Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lost Queen, by Frewin Jones

This book is a sequel to The Faerie Path so I can't say too much
here or I will give away what happens in book 1.

Tania, our heroine from the first book, begins a search for her
faerie mother, who is lost in the mortal world. She has to be
very careful to keep her powers and magical abilities secret from
her mortal parents, who are understandably angry with her for
"disappearing" for a week.

This book was slightly better then the first, mainly due, I think to
the fact that it has more plot and fewer strange wandering dead
ends that do nothing to improve the storyline. There is another
book after this one, but I don't plan to read it. The poor quality
of writing and dull characters mean that this series falls quite
short of my expectations.

3 Stars,

The Faerie, by Frewin Jones

Teenage Anita is a normal girl. She has a boyfriend and is in the
school play. Until one day she discovers that she is the lost
princess of Faerie; that 500 years ago she disappeared the night
before her wedding. Her once husband to be has used his magic
to bring her back to Faerie. but Anita, or Tania as she is known
there, isn't sure she wants to be a faerie princess, isn't sure she
wants to leave her mortal life behind.

This book is okay but not great. The characters are not very
interesting and the plot is pretty predictable. The writing is not
particularly good nor very bad. This is a unremarkable book.
You could do better but you could also do worse. I think if you
have nothing else to do or more interesting to read this is a
perfectly tolerable book.
2 stars

Monday, October 6, 2008

Demon in my veiw, by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Jessica is a teenage writer, she writes about vampires and
witches. She writes fiction, or so she thinks. One day a boy turns
up at her school who looks like he could have walked straight
out of one of her books. Alex Remington looks exactly like the
villain from her books. Jessica was sure that the dreams she had
that inspired her to write these stories were just her mind
wandering, but now she is worried; is it possible that vampires
might be real?
The author of this book was only 15 years old when she wrote
this book. The writing is wonderful. It is not wordy or hard to
read, but skillfully and expertly describes the world of vampires.
Definitely a can't put it down type of book. If you have not read
any of this author's books I strongly suggest you start with this
5 stars,

Blind Beauty, by K.M. Peyton

When Tessa was a little girl her mother took her and left her
father. That meant leaving Shiner, a blind mare that Tessa loved
more then anything else. Now Tessa is a teenager living with her
cruel stepfather. She has been kicked out of many schools and is
very angry and bad tempered. Her stepfather, tired of her
rudeness and getting into trouble, sends her to work at a small
horse stable.

Tessa sulks and tries to do as little work as possible, until a new
horse arrives. Buffoon is ugly, untrained and lazy; he is also
Shiner's foal. Tessa becomes determined to train him to become
a racehorse despite the large odds against him.

Not a super original plot and the author uses a number of horse
story cliches. On the other hand the writing is good and Tessa's
character is wonderful. If you enjoy an inspiring horse story that
isn't too serious this would be a good book for you.
4 stars,