Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So This is How it Ends, by Tui T. Sutherland

In this book, five ordinary teens are living their normal lives - until they each experience an event that has them trapped in a world where all other people have disappeared. Kali, Venus, Gus, Tigre, and Amon are led by voices in their heads to New York City. There they meet, discover why they are the last ones on earth, and learn a secret that will test the strong friendships they have made. Although it is a little confusing in the beginning, this is a great book and I strongly recommend it to fantasy lovers.
4 stars,

Shadow Falling, by Tui T. Sutherland

In this book, five teenagers - having found out that they are gods in mortal bodies - are expected to battle to the death to determine who is the strongest and worthy of ruling the world. Alliances have been forbidden, although the rules are not always followed, and love often gets in the way of blood-lust. The young gods' plans to refuse to fight and escape together are not on the way to being successful, and betrayal is often feared. This story of the between friendship/love and power is a great read!
4 stars,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke

Overall, This was a good book. A little more aimed for children ages 9-11, but it was all right
3 stars, Tim

The Ruins of Gorlan, by John Flannagan

In this book, a young orphan (named Will)is inducted into the secret society of the rangers. He learns how to shoot a bow and throw knives with deadly precision. He lives with his master (trainer) Halt, until Halt decides to go hunting for a pair of mythical and dangerous pair of beasts, rumored to be under the control of an evil warlord. The story shows the development of Will, and his courageousness and quick thinking as he lights the two creatures on fire. Overall, Not bad, but aimed at a slightly younger age group.
4 stars,

Dead Witch Walking, by Kim Harrison

First book in what looks like a promising series, Rachel is a
witch and works for Inderland Security. She is basically a
supernatural cop. However she is not in her boss's good graces,
and finally, sick of dull and insulting jobs she decides to quit.
Quitting the IS isn't recommended if you like being alive though,
the last guy to quit was found mysteriously blown up. Rachel
now has hit men and evil fairies trying to kill her, a vamp
housemate who claims to not drink blood anymore and a pixy
with a bad temper living in her backyard.

I was a bit on the fence about this one. Although the characters
are great, the plot was wandering at times and I wasn't loving
the writing, it seemed a bit flat. I'll give the next book a try
though in hopes that it improves.
4 stars, Emme

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kitty and the Midnight Hour, by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty is a radio host- and also secretly a werewolf. She accidentally starts a new show, The Midnight Hour. It is a talk
show for the vampires, werewolves and other supernatural
beings who have been in hiding from the "normal" humans. As
Kitty does her best to help other people with their problems, she
starts to realize that her pack, the werewolves she hangs out
with every full moon, are maybe not the best place for her.

I LOVED this book! I honestly think it was won of the best books
I have read lately. I liked that Kitty was both willing to see that
she is not perfect and tries to do something about it. I hate when
a book has a heroine who does nothing about her problems
except complain. The writing was great and I laughed out loud
several times while reading this book.

If you like urban fantasy I HIGHLY recommend this book.
5 stars,