Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Rude, Alex J. Packer, Ph.D.

Being a book about "good manners, proper behavior, and not
grossing people out", when I first picked up this book I wasn't sure
that I'd like it all that much. Somewhat surprisingly, it was great.
More than being a manners guide with listed "rules", Alex Packer
shared some of his own funny experiences that made it clear what
the manners offenders had done wrong. There were some long
parts with a lack of story-sharing experiences, and the table
manners chapter was not very interesting, but after having read the
whole long book, I was disappointed that it was over. I really
recommend reading this book!!
4 stars,

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick

One of the things that I liked best about this book is the drawings.
It tells a story with the pictures, then continues it with words. For
example, it might show Hugo behind clocks, crawling into a grate
and ending up at a door. On the next page, it would continue the
story with words, like ‘He opened the door...’ The way that the
author wrote it makes you have feelings for the main character,
Hugo, and hope for him to stay well and fix the mechanical man
that his father, now dead, had started.
5 stars,

Queen's Own Fool, by Jane Yolen

What amazed me when I first picked up this book was how realistic
it was. Nicola, the main character, had understandable and real
feelings. Judging the book by its cover, I had thought it would be
old-fashioned and boring, but I was completely wrong. This book
kept me wanting to finish my work quickly so I could get back up
to my room and keep reading Queen’s Own Fool.
5 stars,

Beautiful Boy, by David Sheff

Beautiful Boy is a book about drugs. David Sheff's
son, Nic, had a rough upbringing, as his parents
divorced when he was young. So he lives with his
dad and his stepmother during the school year and
lives with his real mom and stepfather during
summer. Nic is a very bright, smart, and funny
boy. He writes stories, is active, and has many
Eventually, when Nic is 13, his father finds a bag
of pot in his bedroom. He talks to Nic about it
and Nic says that he was just trying it. But David
finds more and more evidence of Nic's use of the
drug: skipping classes, poor grades, his stoner
friends. Eventually David takes Nic to counselling
at school. It doesn't work.
Nic keeps going downwards, and after David finds
Crystal Meth in Nic's bedroom he decides to send
him to drug rehab.
The rest you should read!
5 stars,

Betrayed, by P.C. Cast

In this sequel to Marked, Zoey Redbird is finally fitting in at The
House of Night. Despite her odd Mark and abilities that are more
like a full vampire then a fledgling, she has made some friends.
She is now going to be the leader of the Dark Daughters, an elite
group of fledgling vamps, and she even has a boyfriend... or
possibly two.

Then some teens are killed in the local town and the evidence
seems to be pointing to The House of Night. But when the
mysterious killer goes after her ex-boyfriend Zoey decides that
she needs to step in and try to find the murderer.

If you want to read this entertaining series I recommend
starting with the first book, Marked. I like this series, even
though some of the characters are a bit shallow. The writing is
very good and interesting, it flows nicely making this book a
quick and effortless read.

5 stars,

Absolute Boyfriend: Volume 1, by Yuu Waste

Riiko is a girl who is has been rejected way too many times by
guys she likes. Then she finds a lost cell phone, the guy on the
other end tells her about a website where she can order the
perfect boyfriend. Intrigued, Riiko signs up for a three day trial.
The next day a handsome guy turns up at her house wanting to
be her boyfriend. She names him Night and sets out to enjoy the
next tree days with the perfect guy.

I have to admit that shojo manga is usually not up my alley, it is
too fluffy and happy and just plain silly. I find it usually lacks
plot and has less then interesting characters. Not so with this
one, it is very angst-y and just plain hilarious. Definitely a
romantic comedy I enjoyed.
5 stars,

Ultra Maniac, by Wataru Yoshizumi

This is a typical, fluffy, cotton candy type shojo manga. It is about
two girls, Ayu who is a popular, smart well liked person, and Nina
who is a hyperactive, excitable girl who is secretly a witch. They
become friends and the book basically focuses on Nina putting one
spell after another on her friend or someone else which, of course,
never works the way she intended.

I found it dull, repetitive and uninteresting. Even the artwork was
boring. The plot was paper thin and the characters very, very flat.
0 stars

Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan, by John Flanagan

First off, this book is *very* LOTR derivative! Which you probably
guessed from the title. However after I got past the blatant
copying of names and places, I found a good story underneath.
Will is an orphan, he is small and wiry. He desperately wanted to
get into battleschool, but was rejected because he was too small.
Instead he ends up apprenticed to the mysterious Halt, a ranger
who speaks little and does a lot. At first Will is disappointed with
this arrangement, but in time he realizes that being a ranger is
quite interesting.
My really huge problem with this book is not the writing (which
is good) or the main character (who is interesting), but the
villain. Named Morgarath (only a couple letters different from
Tolkin's big bad) I found him an implausible character. If he was
feared and evil to the extent claimed it would seem highly
unlikely that he would be heard of only in children's tales after
barely 15 years of exile. These facts bothered me so much it
rather took away from the story.
3 stars,

Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser

This book examines the USA's fast food habit, from the first
drive-in's to plans for the future. It looks at how some of the
major fast food chains got started and the people behind them.
It looks at where the food comes from and the effect it has on
the farmers and ranchers who made it. It interviews workers at
every stage of the process, from the potato farmers to the meat
packers to the people serving up the food. The author talks to
doctors, franchise owners, illegal immigrants who have come to
the US to work, and the farmers.

To be honest a lot of the info in this book is pretty horrifying
and makes me very glad that I am vegetarian. The facts of how
these companies are run is pretty horrifying. The author
presents the facts and interviews, without over sensationalizing

I was a bit disappointed by the fact that this book only really
concentrated on the affect of fast food on humans, our society
and bodies. The author didn't really talk about any of the affects
on animals destined for food, such as how many breeds of
animals are bred extremely unnaturally and have many health
defects. He also really didn't talk about the environmental issues
surrounding factory farming.
4 stars,

Brian Returns, by Gary Paulsen

In Brians Return, Brian gets depressed,and confused by everyday life. Absentmindedly, he starts making a list of things he would take with him if he chose to go back into the wilderness.Pretty soon, he starts ordering the stuff on the list, and Brian then decides, with the help of a shrink that his mom forced on him, to go back. And as Brian fans already know, this is where he belongs.
4 stars,

Rising Stars of Manga: Volume 2, by Various Authors

Tokyopop, a major manga publisher, holds a contest every year
where people who are interested in writing and drawing manga
can enter for a chance to get their short story published. Out of
hundreds they publish the best ten.

Some of my favorite stories in this edition are:

The Calling Grounds
Axis Lumen

I really liked this book and there is a great variety of styles.
4 stars,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Play Money, by Julian Dibbell

Play Money is a book about something that doesn't
exist. Or does it? This book examines the virtual
economies of popular online games, such as World
of Warcraft and Everquest. The author decides to
take a break from his job as a professor and make
some money off of this economy.

The way one could profit off of these economies is
buy selling gold. Gold is the currency of these
economies and players pay for gold with real cash
money in order to buy better weapons, or houses.
He makes some money off of the endeavor, but he
figures that to make good money he would have to
quit his job and sell gold full time.
4 stars,
******This title is currently not available at the Tompkins County Public Library

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Immortal, by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder

Buffy is use to a pretty simple routine when it comes to vamps:
kick, punch, stake, dust. But a strange vampire named Veronique
turns up in Sunnydale, when she gets staked she reincarnates in
the next vamp made in the area. An unkillable vamp is the last
thing in the world Buffy needs, her mother is very sick and in the
hospital and all Buffy wants to do is stay with her.

This was not the best Buffy book I have read. Though the slayer
slang is dead on, the plot was as boring as could be. It you are a
Buffy fan you might read it and enjoy the great characterizations.
3 stars,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Sophie Kinsella

Becky's best friend, Suze, is getting married. Of course she is
happy for Suze, but it makes her wonder about her relationship
with Luke. Just as she starts to worry... Luke proposes! Becky is
delighted. But then things get complicated: Becky's mum starts
planning a backyard wedding with Becky in her mum's old gown.
But Luke's mother also starts planning, an elaborate wedding in
a huge expensive hotel with all the trimmings. Becky is trapped,
she wants a fancy dream wedding, but her parents are so happy
to have her married in the backyard and she can't seem to turn
anyone down!

Same flaws as the rest of the books: Becky is weak-willed and
seems a bit dim. The writing is witty and interesting and the plot
is not half bad, but Becky is really annoying!

2 stars,

Touch the Dark, Karen Chance

Cassandra is a clairvoyant who was raised by vampires after her
family was murdered. Three years ago she ran away after having
discovered that the vampire who she lived with killed her
parents in order to gain possession of Cassie and use her
powers for his own purposes. Since then she has been on the
run, trying her best to avoid all contact with vamps, weres,
mages and other supernatural beings.

This book started out very slow and had some pacing problems
through out, but they got much better in the second half of the
book. The writing was at times shaky, but for the most part
good. The characters are flat out brilliant. I recommend it, just
don't give up because of the wobbly start.
4 stars,

Silver Phoenix, Cindy Pon

Ai lIng is secretly pleased not to be betrothed like most girls her
age, she has too much she wants to see and learn and do. When
her father goes to the imperial palace and doesn't return Ai Ling
sets out to try and help him. However she starts encountering
strange, terrifying beings she starts to realize that she has
unusual powers and that she has a destiny that requires her to
learn use them.

I really enjoyed this book. Asian fantasy is far less common then
fantasy set in a world based off European type countries. The
writing was beautiful and flowing and the characters interesting.
5 stars,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Dig In Time, by Peni R. Griffin

A Dig in Time was a very intriguing book. It is a great book for
anyone who loves science fiction,time travel, poetry, history-- it
basically has almost everything! The end of the book leaves you a
little bit confused and wondering, but most problems are fully
solved. Many people will enjoy reading this fantastic time travel
adventure book!
4 stars,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

13 Little Blue Envelopes, by Maureen Johnson

13 Little Blue Envelopes is an intriguing tale of a girl named Ginny who hears that her insane aunt has died, and is left with 13 envelopes with instructions from her aunt. Ginny doesn't know what to expect as the greatest adventure of her lifetime begins to unfold. This book was extremely entertaining and I couldn't put it down. Every envelope introduces a new and exciting adventure. As the reader, I kept wishing that I was Ginny experiencing all of these events. Throughout the novel, Ginny meets many new characters and friends, including the romantic, Keith, who she finds that she falls in love with. This book was extremely well written and had an amazing plot.
5 stars,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alichino: Volume 1, by Kouyu Shurei

Beautiful spirits called Alichino can grant your wishes, but the
prices are high. Your soul, for example. A young woman is
wandering the world looking for one to save her brother's life
when she meets Tsugiri. At first she believes that is an Alichino,
but he is only human. However, he does have a strange
connection to the Alichino, unknown even to himself.

I am not a huge reader of manga, but my sister is and she
brought this one home. I read it and enjoyed it very much. I
honestly have never seen more beautiful artwork ever. The story
is well crafted and interesting. Sadly, the library system only has
the first book however I would recommend it anyway.
5 stars,

The Art of Racing the Rain, by Garth Stein

Enzo is a dog, a very smart almost human dog. This is his life
story, and the story of the human family he lives with. Enzo does
his best to support and help his family: Denny, a race car driver,
Eve, Denny's wife who doesn't understand his obsession with
racing and Zoe, Denny's daughter who loves Enzo dearly.

If you don't like books that will have you crying, don't read this
book! The writing is wonderfully simple and straight forward,
just as I would imagine a dog would see things. This is not a
cheerful book, there is heartbreak and loss and worry. But
always, Enzo refuses to only see the glass as half empty, and he
pushes and inspires the humans around him.

Translucent: Volume 1, by Kazuhiro Okamoto

This manga was quite enjoyable. It is about a girl with Translucent
Syndrome, she is often only partially visible and sometimes
disappears completely. She struggles to maintain a normal life and
is helped by her hyperactive friend.

This was pretty good, but I didn't really like the artwork. The story
is very good. Bit much fluff and excitement though for me.
3 stars,

Pet Shop of Horrors, by Matsuri Akino

I love, love love Pet Shop of Horrors!!! Even though the library
system only has some, I adore this series. Each book is 4-5
short stories about supernatural animals and their owners.
Count D sells exotic and sometimes dangerous animals as pets.
He gives a list of instructions, if the owner doesn't follow the
rules, the pet shop is not responsible for whatever may happen.

This book has 4 stories:

Duel: When the boss of the Chinese Mafia dies, he says that who
ever gets the tiger from D will be the next leader. This brings a
flood of gifts and and bribes to the Counts shop.

Durableness: A young girl's pets keep ending up dead, horribly
murdered. Who is to blame?

Desperation: A woman who's boyfriend was killed by Leon Orcot
kidnaps Count D and Chris.

Dynasty: After Count D saves a woman and her child, a young
girl arrives and asks Count D to marry her.

I highly recommend this manga to any fantasy fan.
5 stars,

Ranger's Apprentice Book Three: The Icebound Land, by John Flanagan

The Icebound Land was very good. It is a bit sad but in the end it is
a very good story. The story is about two events. One is of the main
character named Will and the kings daughter (who is in disguise).
They are slaves. The main character gets addicted to a drug and
becomes mindless and the Kings daughter has to help him survive.
Also there are the Will's master and friend come to rescue him.
They get trapped for weeks before getting away. At the end of the
story Will fights off the addiction.
5 stars,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Cosmic Horizon, by Jeffrey Bennett

Ten great mysteries for 3rd millennium astronomy. In this book, Jeffrey Bennett discusses the ten great mysteries including: Is There Life Elsewhere in Our Solar System; Are We Alone?; and What is the Fate of the Universe? If you are interested in the field of Astronomy, then this is the book to read. With many questions, this book briefly talks about each question.
I liked this book because I got to learn more about what scientist are pondering about these days. This book is also a great book to read when you just want to read anything.
5 stars,

Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

I have previously read this book but read it again because the movie is coming out. The second time I read it I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. J.K. Rowling did a great job of creating a book that you can read again and again and never get bored of. It is Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts. His classes are more serious now considering they are required skills for his chosen career of Auror.
Classes aren't the only thing on Harry's mind though, he is Quidditch Captain this year and everyone is constantly bugging him about it. Also Harry is more popular than ever with every newspaper saying he is the chosen one. Hogwarts is in danger of closing... many parents want their children at home with them in the times of danger. Mixed in with everything else Harry is dealing with his two friends Ron and Hermonine that don't seem to friendly anymore.
5 stars,

The Kelpie's Pearls, by Mollie Hunter

A beautiful tale set in the Scottish Highlands. An old woman helps
a kelpie who's foot was stuck in some rocks. They quickly become
friends and the kelpie gifts her with a string of pearls. However a
sharp eyed trapper notices and becomes determined to get the
kelpie's pearls.

I really liked this book, the characters were interesting and the
writing very nice. It is a children's book though and a wee bit
simple in plot.
4 stars,

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

Jane is an poor orphan who lives with a cruel aunt and cousin.
Tired of her spirits and her trying to stick up for her self, her
aunt sends her to a strict school for girls. The school is little
better, there is not enough food or supplies to take care of the
children. Jane spends 8 years there, 6 as a student and 2 as a
teacher. However she longs for something more and tries to get
a new job as a teacher and caretaker at a wealthy home. Things
get complicated when she falls for the gentleman owner.

I really enjoyed this book, Bronte's writing is beautiful and
elegant. I really felt the characters, their emotions and feelings
were strong and real.
5 stars,

Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini

The third book in the Inheritance Cycle, Brisingr is a great book. This book is about a boy named Eragon. Eragon is a Dragon Rider. Along with his dragon, Saphira,they try to destroy the Alagaesia's evil ruler and his empire to restore the the Varden's rule over the land. This book is a great book. I liked Brisingr because the book is clearly written and it had the impression that the author knew what it was like to be a Dragon Rider and how Eragon felt to be a Dragon Rider.
5 stars,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evermore, by Alyson Noël

After a car accident which killed her family, Ever can talk to
ghosts, read minds and see auras. These intense, painful and
uncontrollable powers are ruining her life. She can bear to touch
anyone or be touched, her dead little sister is following her
around and she knows all kinds of secrets she really didn't want
to know. Everyone at her school thinks she's weird because she
tries not to come into contact with anyone, listens to loud music
she doesn't like to try and drown out the thoughts around her
and knows things she shouldn't.

Then one day a new guy shows up at school. Damen has a lot of
money and is very good looking, but that isn't why Ever is
interested in him. She is interested because she can't hear his
thoughts, but it seams he might be able to hear hers.

This book was quite good. I liked the writing and the characters
and the setting. The plot seemed a bit simple but I think that
may be better in the second book. I am definitely going to try
the second.
4 stars,

Confessions of a Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella

Becky has a fab flat in London and all the most fashionable
clothes. But she can't really afford any of it, her job is boring and
doesn't bring in anywhere near enough for her to afford her
lifestyle. She is sinking fast into debt. She tries to spend less, she
tries making more, but she seems incapable of getting out of
this hole, and she just keeps buying.

Funny and silly quick read. The writing was very good but I
found Becky rather pathetic and weak-willed. I wanted to shake
her and make her see what an idiot she was being. I was quite
shocked at how unwilling to deal with her own problems she
was, however she did seem to be making headway towards the
end of the book. I will read the rest of the series in hopes that
Becky grows up a little.
3 stars,

The Alchemyst, by Micheal Scott

The only knowledge some may have of Nicholas Flamel is that he
was mentioned in Harry Potter. However he was a real man and
a colorful character. This *fantasy* (not what actually happened,
as far as we know) novel tells the story of two teens who, by a
twist of fate, end up in the middle of a fight that has gone on for
centuries. Flamel once took on an apprentice, John Dee, who
when he discovered that Flamel had the ability to be immortal
attempted to steal the book from Flamel. Flamel has eluded him
for five centuries, but can he still stay hidden in our modern

I didn't expect much, this book has had very mixed reviews, but
I highly enjoyed it. Sudden plot twists and fascinating characters
keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. The
writing was fast and flowing, almost poetical at times. Very easy
to read.
5 stars,

Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett

Reaper Man is a that is both very funny and fairly clever.
Death is retiring and so, when things die, there is no Death
to come and take away their life force. This causes a build
up of life force which causes many previously inanimate
objects in the city of Ahnk-morpork to get up and walk
away. This causes a rather large amount of chaos. Death, a
zombie called Windle, and a fortune teller called Mrs. Cake
have to stop all of this.
4 stars,

Going Under, by Justina Robson

Third book in the Quantum Gravity series, so start with Keeping
it Real.

Lila is sick of Demonia, the fights, bloodshed and excitement are
really getting to her. She just wants some peace and quiet. Of
course Zal and Teazle are having a grand time and have no
desire to leave soon. Zal is playing with many musicians and
Teazle, well, mostly he's getting into fights. However they are all
brought back to Otopia soon, because giant, moth shaped fairies
are attacking and Lila Black might be the only one who can stop

I love this series, the characters are so real and wonderful. The
settings are magnificent and detailed, without slowing the story
down. If you like Sci-fi, read it or if you like fantasy, read it.
5 stars,

The Cry of the Icemark, by Stuart Hill

This book started out with a thirteen year old girl named Tirrin who soon had a tragic event happen in her life around the time of her fourteenth birthday her father died and she became queen! But her troubles where far from over because she became queen at the beginning of a war against the strongest and most feared army.....The story leads you through a exciting,thrilling,amazing,wounderful and adventures story!
5 stars,

Eldest, by Christopher Paolini

I really enjoyed this book it has a lot of fantasyin it. When you read the book it makes you feel like you are in another world. You experinence things as if they were really happening. Eragon is a great character who you can relate to .
5 stars,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Protector of the Small: First Test, by Tamora Pierce

Anyone who has not read Tamora Pierce's Tortall stories needs
to read at least one. She is a brilliant author and has created a
wonderful world in which to set her books.

Keladry (Kel for short) is the first girl to try and become a knight
since the king decreed that girls were allowed to try. She is
determined and brave, but many of the boys she is learning with
are certain that no girl can ever become a true knight.

The writing is good, characters interesting and fresh, plot
consistent and without holes, what more could you want? Those
fully wishing to dive into the world of Tortall may want to start
with The Song of the Lioness series, but you can start here if you
5 stars,

Magic Bites, byIlona Andrews

In a world where magic and technology are at war, being a
human who can control and use magic is rare- and dead useful
if you are Kate. A mercenary who will fix your magical problems
for the right price, she has few friends and no family. When her
guardian, Greg, her father's friend and the closest thing she had
to family is mysteriously murdered, Kate is furious. He also had
the ability to control magic and way more training in use of
weapons then her; he would be a very hard man to kill. The
trouble is no one knows even what kind of being could have
inflicted the damage done. As Kate starts digging into the case
she finds more people missing and what may be a plot to throw
the magical population of the city into war.

A fast paced cross between a Whodunnit and fantasy novel. I
loved the character of tough talking Kate and the supporting
characters were great. The quick, witty banter and snappy one
liners reminded me of Joss Whedon's TV shows, and I can see a
bit of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer influence here.

4 stars,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Meetings in the Enderverse, by Orson Scott Card

First Meetings in the Enderverse was quite good. The book
is a collection of short stories providing background
informationfor the Ender books and the original Ender's
Game novelette. The stories in it that I liked most were The
Polish Boy and Teacher's Pest because they gave a lot of
information about Ender's parents.
4 stars,

Children of the Mind, by Orson Scott Card

Children of the Mind is the final book in the Ender Wiggin
series. It describes how the computer being, Jane, is given a
body and saved from annihilation by the Starways Congress
and also how the planet Lusitania, home to the only other
two sentient life forms known to humans, is not destroyed
by a fleet sent by Starways Congress due to the ability of
Jane to use her vast processing powers instantaneously
transport a starship any where in the universe. Ende, by the
end has died and has his will transported to a body which
he accidentally created during one of the instant voyages
orchestrated by Jane.
4 stars,

Criss Cross, by Lynne Rae Perkins

This book is about a few kids who have known each other since they were very little getting older and growing up.They are all facing problems with love, school, clothes etc. They all get together and listen to a radio show in Lenny's Dad's truck once a week. Debbie helps Mrs. Bruning around her house (because Mrs. Bruning has arthritis). While doing this Debbie meets Mrs. Bruning's grandson Peter, and they fall in love...just one problem, he lives in California. My favorite part of the book was the necklace. Debbie has a necklace that she loses. Throughout the book the necklace is owned by one of the friends and then another but none of them know it is their friends necklace. It is funny. This book is humorous and real, a good read.
3 stars,

The White Fox chronicles :breakout by Gary Paulsen

I find that Breakout was a really good book. Cody is a rebel who is
fighting the evil army that has know occupied American. He blows
up the camp where he used to be held prisoner and is a hero in the
american army by the end of the story.
5 stars,

The White Fox chronicles : return, by Gary Paulsen

Return is about a boy who has already escaped from a where he
was prisoner. He know has joined the us army to fight back to the
evil army that has total control over the US. Can cody save the
world from total destruction? Find out in breakout. The Next book
in the seares.
5 stars,

Eldest, by Christopher Paolini

Eldest is the sequael to the book eragon. It is about a boy named
eragon who is a dragon rider. He loses a friend named Murtagh but
then finds out in a battle that Murtagh did not die but became an
enemy dragon rider. The book is a thrilling episode and is very
unpredictible and exciting. If you want to read a good book with a
lot of action read eldest.
5 stars,

The White Fox chronicles : escape by Gary Paulsen

Escape is about a young boy who is captured by an evil army that
took over the U.S.A and is killing inoccent people. The remains of
the us army try to rebel but are weak. Cody, the boy, escapes from
the camp that he was trapped in and escapes to help the us army.
5 stars,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole, by Peter Abrahams

Sherlock Holmes is Ingrid's model. She loves mysteries so it is just her luck when one comes to her town. Although this mystery starts to get out of hand. A woman named Katie Kovac is murdered the same day Ingrid was at her house. Ingrid wants to solve the mystery herself but in doing so breaks a lot of rules and puts herself in danger. Ingrid's detective work takes her into many sticky situations, some of which she barely gets out of unscathed. In the end her detective work gets out of hand and she is discovered by a local police man. Will she get punished for all the bad things she did in order to solve Katie's case?? Read this spine chilling mystery and see for yourself! I love the way Peter Abrahams lets you know a little bit more than Ingrid so you feel scared for her.
5 stars,

Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow

This is a good book about a boy struggling to beat his government. Marcus is just one of many boys in San Francisco, no one special. When the Bay Bridge is bombed by terrorists that all changes. Marcus becomes M1k3y(Mikey) a idolized leader of a rebellion against the government over the x-net. He is suddenly looked up to by thousands of people on the x-net. They all are against one cause; the Department of Homeland Security. As these thousands of kids come together to battle the D.H.S. over the internet Marcus realizes what he has created and knows he will eventually get caught. Marcus doesn't want to be put in a jail cell by the D.H.S. but knows if he doesn't continue his rebellion San Francisco might never be the same again.

3 stars,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ever, by Gail Carson Levine

Kezi is a beautiful mortal, an exceptional dancer and weaver.
Olus is the god of winds, lonely and young. When Kezi's mother
falls ill, her father swears to sacrifice the first person to
congratulate him on his wife's recovery if she is cured. To
prevent anyone she loves being killed Kezi makes sure she is the
first to congratulate her father. Olus, who has fallen in love with
the young mortal, tells her that if she can become a god she will
survive the sacrifice. Together they set out to find a way that
Kezi will be able to live.

This was a quick and interesting read. The writing was mostly
very good but had a few rough spots and confusing moments
that I felt the editor should have had Levine fix.
4 stars,

Replay, by Sharon Creech

This book is about a boy named Leo who plays in the school play. He is very dreamy, which is why he's called "fog boy". Since he is always participating in the play, all he dreamed about was being in the Broadway as an actor. He replayed all those things that happened to him. He's also reading this diary of his father at age thirteen and how Rosaria ran away from home. He dreamed about replaying those things that he had read and how his dad loves tap dancing and singing.
3 stars,

Because of Winn Dixie, by Kate DiCamillo

I like Because of Winn Dixie because in my opinion, this book is basically about a girl,Opal and Winn Dixie, her Dog, and how they make friends, and how they take care of each other. I think Kate DiCamillo put a lot of effort to put this book together and establish it.
5 stars,

Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

This book is about a girl named Mercy who is a skinwalker,
someone who is able to change into a coyote at will. When her
werewolf neighbor's daughter is kidnapped she helps his werewolf
pack try to find the kidnappers.

I found this book dull and slow with dreadful pacing. The writing
felt awkward and rough and the characters were flat. Every now and
then there was something clever or interesting but most of this
book was totally boring. I will not be reading the rest of this series.
1 star,

Selling Out, by Justina Robson

Lila Black may still be more machine then human physically, but
after having been infused with elvish magic and falling in love
with a rock star she is feeling pretty good. Until she gets back to
Otopia that is, because her boss is sending her to Hell.

I loved the first book (Keeping it Real) and loved this one too!
The writing is great and the characters are beyond brilliant.
Robson creates the most entertaining and fascinating world(s) I
have read lately, possibly ever.

If you haven't read the first book, Keeping it Real, read it first!
5 stars,