Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evermore, by Alyson Noël

After a car accident which killed her family, Ever can talk to
ghosts, read minds and see auras. These intense, painful and
uncontrollable powers are ruining her life. She can bear to touch
anyone or be touched, her dead little sister is following her
around and she knows all kinds of secrets she really didn't want
to know. Everyone at her school thinks she's weird because she
tries not to come into contact with anyone, listens to loud music
she doesn't like to try and drown out the thoughts around her
and knows things she shouldn't.

Then one day a new guy shows up at school. Damen has a lot of
money and is very good looking, but that isn't why Ever is
interested in him. She is interested because she can't hear his
thoughts, but it seams he might be able to hear hers.

This book was quite good. I liked the writing and the characters
and the setting. The plot seemed a bit simple but I think that
may be better in the second book. I am definitely going to try
the second.
4 stars,

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