Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beautiful Boy, by David Sheff

Beautiful Boy is a book about drugs. David Sheff's
son, Nic, had a rough upbringing, as his parents
divorced when he was young. So he lives with his
dad and his stepmother during the school year and
lives with his real mom and stepfather during
summer. Nic is a very bright, smart, and funny
boy. He writes stories, is active, and has many
Eventually, when Nic is 13, his father finds a bag
of pot in his bedroom. He talks to Nic about it
and Nic says that he was just trying it. But David
finds more and more evidence of Nic's use of the
drug: skipping classes, poor grades, his stoner
friends. Eventually David takes Nic to counselling
at school. It doesn't work.
Nic keeps going downwards, and after David finds
Crystal Meth in Nic's bedroom he decides to send
him to drug rehab.
The rest you should read!
5 stars,

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