Thursday, July 30, 2009

Betrayed, by P.C. Cast

In this sequel to Marked, Zoey Redbird is finally fitting in at The
House of Night. Despite her odd Mark and abilities that are more
like a full vampire then a fledgling, she has made some friends.
She is now going to be the leader of the Dark Daughters, an elite
group of fledgling vamps, and she even has a boyfriend... or
possibly two.

Then some teens are killed in the local town and the evidence
seems to be pointing to The House of Night. But when the
mysterious killer goes after her ex-boyfriend Zoey decides that
she needs to step in and try to find the murderer.

If you want to read this entertaining series I recommend
starting with the first book, Marked. I like this series, even
though some of the characters are a bit shallow. The writing is
very good and interesting, it flows nicely making this book a
quick and effortless read.

5 stars,

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