Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser

This book examines the USA's fast food habit, from the first
drive-in's to plans for the future. It looks at how some of the
major fast food chains got started and the people behind them.
It looks at where the food comes from and the effect it has on
the farmers and ranchers who made it. It interviews workers at
every stage of the process, from the potato farmers to the meat
packers to the people serving up the food. The author talks to
doctors, franchise owners, illegal immigrants who have come to
the US to work, and the farmers.

To be honest a lot of the info in this book is pretty horrifying
and makes me very glad that I am vegetarian. The facts of how
these companies are run is pretty horrifying. The author
presents the facts and interviews, without over sensationalizing

I was a bit disappointed by the fact that this book only really
concentrated on the affect of fast food on humans, our society
and bodies. The author didn't really talk about any of the affects
on animals destined for food, such as how many breeds of
animals are bred extremely unnaturally and have many health
defects. He also really didn't talk about the environmental issues
surrounding factory farming.
4 stars,

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