Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Under, by Justina Robson

Third book in the Quantum Gravity series, so start with Keeping
it Real.

Lila is sick of Demonia, the fights, bloodshed and excitement are
really getting to her. She just wants some peace and quiet. Of
course Zal and Teazle are having a grand time and have no
desire to leave soon. Zal is playing with many musicians and
Teazle, well, mostly he's getting into fights. However they are all
brought back to Otopia soon, because giant, moth shaped fairies
are attacking and Lila Black might be the only one who can stop

I love this series, the characters are so real and wonderful. The
settings are magnificent and detailed, without slowing the story
down. If you like Sci-fi, read it or if you like fantasy, read it.
5 stars,

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