Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pet Shop of Horrors, by Matsuri Akino

I love, love love Pet Shop of Horrors!!! Even though the library
system only has some, I adore this series. Each book is 4-5
short stories about supernatural animals and their owners.
Count D sells exotic and sometimes dangerous animals as pets.
He gives a list of instructions, if the owner doesn't follow the
rules, the pet shop is not responsible for whatever may happen.

This book has 4 stories:

Duel: When the boss of the Chinese Mafia dies, he says that who
ever gets the tiger from D will be the next leader. This brings a
flood of gifts and and bribes to the Counts shop.

Durableness: A young girl's pets keep ending up dead, horribly
murdered. Who is to blame?

Desperation: A woman who's boyfriend was killed by Leon Orcot
kidnaps Count D and Chris.

Dynasty: After Count D saves a woman and her child, a young
girl arrives and asks Count D to marry her.

I highly recommend this manga to any fantasy fan.
5 stars,

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