Thursday, July 30, 2009

Absolute Boyfriend: Volume 1, by Yuu Waste

Riiko is a girl who is has been rejected way too many times by
guys she likes. Then she finds a lost cell phone, the guy on the
other end tells her about a website where she can order the
perfect boyfriend. Intrigued, Riiko signs up for a three day trial.
The next day a handsome guy turns up at her house wanting to
be her boyfriend. She names him Night and sets out to enjoy the
next tree days with the perfect guy.

I have to admit that shojo manga is usually not up my alley, it is
too fluffy and happy and just plain silly. I find it usually lacks
plot and has less then interesting characters. Not so with this
one, it is very angst-y and just plain hilarious. Definitely a
romantic comedy I enjoyed.
5 stars,

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