Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole, by Peter Abrahams

Sherlock Holmes is Ingrid's model. She loves mysteries so it is just her luck when one comes to her town. Although this mystery starts to get out of hand. A woman named Katie Kovac is murdered the same day Ingrid was at her house. Ingrid wants to solve the mystery herself but in doing so breaks a lot of rules and puts herself in danger. Ingrid's detective work takes her into many sticky situations, some of which she barely gets out of unscathed. In the end her detective work gets out of hand and she is discovered by a local police man. Will she get punished for all the bad things she did in order to solve Katie's case?? Read this spine chilling mystery and see for yourself! I love the way Peter Abrahams lets you know a little bit more than Ingrid so you feel scared for her.
5 stars,

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