Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock

Elric is emperor of the Melnibone, a race of people who have lived in violent decadence for so long they can't imagine anything else. Elric, sickly since his birth and only alive because of medicines and magic, is different. He has studied the other cultures and peoples of his world, and doesn't feel that following tradition is always the best option. This has made him unpopular among the more conservative people of his kingdom. When his cousin attempts to depose him and the women he loves is put at risk, he must decide whether he is going to stand for his "strange" beliefs or become like rulers before him, and conform with tradition.

I really enjoyed this book, and plan to get the rest of the series from the library. I liked how introspective and cultural it was, a lot of high fantasy tends to ignore that in favor of epic battles. The author does tend towards purple prose at times, but as it is an epic fantasy, that is not uncommon and after a chapter or two doesn't distract you anymore. The characters felt very realistic and deep, even the supporting characters didn't feel like they were just invented for the sake of conveying some piece of information.

4 Stars

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letting Go of Lisa by Lurlene McDaniel

Nathan has been homeschooled for all his life, but now his is going to high school. Right on his first day he sees a girl who catches his attention. Lisa rides a motorcycle, ignores school politics and does whatever she likes. He is determined to get to know her, and eventually convinces her to stop ignoring him and they become friends. But can Lisa trust anyone enough to tell them her secret?

This book is rather cliche and simplistic, but otherwise quite good. Both the main and supporting characters are very real feeling. The writing is solid, if rather uninspired at times. An entertaining and thought-provoking read for teens of both genders.

4 Stars


Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Every since she was little Raven has loved the supernatural, in particular vampires! This (plus her gothic dressing habits) has made her an outsider in her town and even her family. But when a family finally moves into an old mansion nearby she is delighted by the new and eccentric household, she is charmed by exactly what horrifies the rest of town. In fact she thinks it might be possible that they are real-life vampires.

I picked this up in great shape for $0.20 at the Salvation Army, thinking that although it looked extremely stupid it might be good for a laugh. It's a good thing that was all I was expecting, because that is exactly what I got. Mary-Sues and cliches run rampant, in fact that is pretty much all there is! I alternately rolled my eyes, sneered and laughed at how ridiculous the whole book was. If you have some time to kill and need something mindless this is good.

1 Star