Monday, October 6, 2008

Blind Beauty, by K.M. Peyton

When Tessa was a little girl her mother took her and left her
father. That meant leaving Shiner, a blind mare that Tessa loved
more then anything else. Now Tessa is a teenager living with her
cruel stepfather. She has been kicked out of many schools and is
very angry and bad tempered. Her stepfather, tired of her
rudeness and getting into trouble, sends her to work at a small
horse stable.

Tessa sulks and tries to do as little work as possible, until a new
horse arrives. Buffoon is ugly, untrained and lazy; he is also
Shiner's foal. Tessa becomes determined to train him to become
a racehorse despite the large odds against him.

Not a super original plot and the author uses a number of horse
story cliches. On the other hand the writing is good and Tessa's
character is wonderful. If you enjoy an inspiring horse story that
isn't too serious this would be a good book for you.
4 stars,

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