Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Faerie, by Frewin Jones

Teenage Anita is a normal girl. She has a boyfriend and is in the
school play. Until one day she discovers that she is the lost
princess of Faerie; that 500 years ago she disappeared the night
before her wedding. Her once husband to be has used his magic
to bring her back to Faerie. but Anita, or Tania as she is known
there, isn't sure she wants to be a faerie princess, isn't sure she
wants to leave her mortal life behind.

This book is okay but not great. The characters are not very
interesting and the plot is pretty predictable. The writing is not
particularly good nor very bad. This is a unremarkable book.
You could do better but you could also do worse. I think if you
have nothing else to do or more interesting to read this is a
perfectly tolerable book.
2 stars

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