Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lost Queen, by Frewin Jones

This book is a sequel to The Faerie Path so I can't say too much
here or I will give away what happens in book 1.

Tania, our heroine from the first book, begins a search for her
faerie mother, who is lost in the mortal world. She has to be
very careful to keep her powers and magical abilities secret from
her mortal parents, who are understandably angry with her for
"disappearing" for a week.

This book was slightly better then the first, mainly due, I think to
the fact that it has more plot and fewer strange wandering dead
ends that do nothing to improve the storyline. There is another
book after this one, but I don't plan to read it. The poor quality
of writing and dull characters mean that this series falls quite
short of my expectations.

3 Stars,

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