Thursday, December 8, 2005

Jojo, age 13 wrote:

I didn't really like this book. There were no outstanding
comflicts, or complications, which made for a rather boring
read. The idea of atonement or penance has been used
innumerable times in literature, and I have read this story quite
often in different words. If I had my way, I wouldn't read this
book at all. Not a great book for people of my age group. There
is a little emotional conflict within Brent, but not very much. In
the end, he is ready to go explorng the US freely, most of his
guilt released. This seems rather unreasonable. If he was that
broken up about Lea's death, then I don't think he would release
her death quite that quickly. If the author had added a little
more excitement to Brent's adventure, maybe the book would
have been a little more interesting. As it is, the book was very
dull, and seemed to drag on for all its shortness. I don't think it
was well targeted to my age group. Many people of my age
prefer more fast paced books. All in all, not a good read.
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