Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Lost World gets 4 stars by Vinny

The Lost World, by Michel Crighton, is a sci-fi book. It is about a park gone wrong, and is the sequel to Jurassic Park. In order for you to understand the plot, you have to understand the first book. A man called John Hammand starts an amusement park and invites a paleontologist, his two grand kids, and an old college buddy Ian Malcolm, a pessimistic (but genius) mathematician. They fly to a remote Island off the coast of Costa Rica. On the way they find out that what Hammand has been doing is creating dinosaurs (through the help of modern technology). Malcom predicts that it will all go haywire, but he seems to be wrong until a power outage occurs. The outage is induced by Nedry, a spy placed by a competing genetics company. A bug in the computers let all the dinosaurs free. In The Lost World, a team of scientists go on to discover what is left after the original Island is destroyed. This is an action-packed thriller.

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