Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Daughter of the Forest, by Juliet Marillier

: Sorcha lives with her six brothers and widower father. Her father
is too sad and distant to really take care of her, but her brothers
raise her as best they can, teaching her all their skills. Then one
day a their father brings home a strange woman who he says he
is going to marry. The children are frighted by the woman, who
seems to have bewitched their father, causing him to do
whatever she says and ignore her threats and harm to others.
The children try to convince him of the danger so the witch
curses the brothers and Sorcha escapes only by luck.

This lovely and elegant retelling of the Story of the Six Swans
was captivating. I just couldn't put it down! I loved the
characters and beautiful settings. I warn any readers who dislike
crying over a story to avoid this book, I am not a person inclined
to cry very much but I admit to having cried both sad and happy
5 stars,

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