Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Woman Who Loved Reindeer, by Meredith Ann Pierce

Caribou only took the baby because no one else could or would and names him Reindeer. She didn't mean to love him, but that is what happened. As he grows from child to young man it becomes clear he is not any normal human; he is a trangl, able to change from human to deer as he likes. When he is a young man he leaves to live with the reindeer. However Caribou and her people are in trouble; earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and wildfires are destroying their homeland. Reindeer returns and
tells Caribou that there is a safe place and he will guide her there. Then on the journey the two of them fall in love.

Mediocre to poor book. The plot was quite thin and the characters flat. The writing was bland and often confusing, with too many rambling spots that left the reader in a completely different spot then they started in, with no easy way to get back into the flow of things. It really bothered me that Caribou raised and even breastfed the child, yet hopped right into bed with him as an adult. I know that technically they were not related, but it still seemed too close to incest for my taste.

2 stars,

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