Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Copper Crown by Patricia Kennealy

Long ago the Kelts left Earth, using technology left behind by the people of Atlantis, and headed into space. When the rest of the planet discovers interstellar travel, they encounter the Kelts.

The Kelts mix magic and tech, making them a powerful force in their corner of the 'verse. But when the also powerful Earth and Keltia decide to form an alliance it triggers war, as two other races have been looking for an excuse to destroy the Kelts for a long time.

The universe created in this book is wonderful. I loved the mix of traditional sci-fi (spaceships, hovercraft, energy-charged weapons) and historical (chariots, horses, heirloom objects, storytelling.) It created a unique place for the interesting and well-constructed characters to be. My only real quibble with this book is the writing. The sentence structure was frequently confusing, requiring at least one re-read in order to understand.

The author sometimes used double negatives and too many adjectives. The dialogue was at times a bit stilted. A good read, but not a fast one. It takes a good bit of brain power to understand.

4 Stars


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