Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kitty Goes to Washington

As the first known celebrity werewolf, Kitty's life has been a little nutty. It just gets worse when the US Senate decides to take the recent uncovering of the supernatural seriously and sets up a hearing where they want her to testify. Kitty has always made it a point to stay a radio host and not let her picture go public, but she will be appearing on national TV. When she shows up in D.C. the vampire mistress of the city makes Kitty stay with her. Kitty is initially uncomfortable with the arrangement, but a place protected by vampiric security turns out to be rather handy; as the rest of the time she is dodging crazy tabloid reporters and trying to avoid getting into trouble with the conservatives who want to start a modern witch-hunt aimed at the supernatural community.

I am not usually a fan of modern paranormal fiction, but I am very fond of this series. Kitty is a great character and actually develops throughout the series, which is rare in this genre. The witty, often sarcastic voice the author writes Kitty in makes for a fun read. I also enjoy many of the supporting characters, and those that reoccur experience the same character growth as the main character. I have read and re-read this a lot of times, and it still makes me laugh.

As a side note, I find it impossible to read Alette's character and not picture Olivia Williams as her. Alette's brisk, no-nonsense attitude paired with a serious, elegant air reminds me of Williams very much.

4 Stars


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