Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayer, Interrupted, by Scott Lobdell

Well, I really didn't love this graphic novel.

It has two story lines in it, one follows Buffy Summers just after
she discovers that she is the Chosen One. This story line is
predictable and rather dull. I had hoped to learn more about
Buffy's early days as a slayer and find out some about her first
watcher. This book contains little on her early slaying and none
on her old watcher.

The other story line is a bit more interesting. It is about Giles
taking a test to prove that he is a worthy watcher and doesn't
need to resort to magic .

I wasn't fond of the writing. It lacked wit and was uninteresting. I
didn't care for the artwork either. The drawings of Buffy looked
very little like Sarah Michelle Gellar and the coloring didn't seem
interesting. For the battle scenes everything was extremely
overly bright and neon-y, but for the rest of the book it was
dark and dull.
2 stars,

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