Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cecile: Gates of Gold, by Mary Casanova

12 year old Cecile Revel is a peasant in 18th century France.
She works hard to keep from starving and dreams of one day
going to court, where she could wear fine gowns and end her
nearly constant hunger.
When a noblewoman is riding in the woods near her home, she
takes a bad fall. After Cecile and her father help her, the
noblewoman offers Cecile a job looking after her dogs at court.
At first glance the new life Cecile has at court seems like
heaven. But after a bit the strict rules and constant suspicion
makes Cecile isn't all balls and fancy dresses!
The writing in this story is pretty good, but not exceptional.
The characters, on the other hand, are really well done and
believable. If you enjoy historical fiction, then this book is for
4 stars,

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