Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ash, by Malinda Lo

After Ash's mother died her father remarried. After he died she stayed with and worked for her step-mother, who treats her as little more then a slave. After a wander deep into the woods she meets Sidhean, a fairy man. After they meet several times she believes that she may be falling in love, and it seems he might feel the same. But when she meets Kaisa, a fiery, beautiful huntress who secretly teaches Ash to ride, her heart feels like it is being ripped apart. How will she ever choose between the two of them?

This retelling of Cinderella was mediocre. Although the writing wasn't bad, it was rather bland and uninteresting. The characters were unoriginal. The plot was wobbly and unclear at points and felt rather loose, like there were many details that should have been filled in and sections that didn't lead anywhere that should have come out.

A fun 2-hour read when you are bored, but not a great book if you want something serious.

2 Stars

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  1. I love this book so much I've bought it in every cover and the covers have drawn in my attention my teacher got us to judge this book by it's cover and I knew that the cover was nothing compare to the actual story line but I've counted how many times I've read this book and it's been more 50!!! I read it at night in the day at school anywhere!!!!!!!!