Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Inheritor by Marion Zimmer Bradley

After Alison Margrave died, several people tried to move in.  Some died, the rest fled. But Leslie Barnes, a psychologist who starts having psychic flashes, is determined to move in. Mostly the house is perfect for herself and her little sister, a gifted musician, but parts of the house start to have awful, dark occurrences. Lights flash, things fall down the stairs, windows brake or won't stay closed. Her sister sees a cat, horribly murdered in the garage, that vanishes when she tries to help.  Leslie sees a man who can possibly have access to her house wandering around. Soon Leslie is in the midst of a feud between a group who practice earth magic, both those dead and alive, and a man who was once one of them, before turning to dark magic. And they want Leslie to choose sides; to take Alison's place in the group or to stay with a man she believes she loves.

Very fast paced and hard to put down! The writing was solid, although rambling at times. The characters were very realistic and interesting, nicely layered and full of issues.

4 Stars

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