Monday, September 13, 2010

Sips of Blood by Mary Ann Mitchell

Every family has it's issues, and the Sades just a bit more so because they are vampires. Grandma Marie works as a dominatrix, sneaking sips of her client's blood; Liliana works in a morgue and drinks the blood of people already killed by other means; and Louis Sade himself still tries to live like a classic vampire in a mansion, hunting on the streets and seducing his victims.

Not a particularly interesting book, and although the characters have promise, they never quite achieve a high enough level of life (or un-life) and personality to hold the reader's interest. The author also couldn't seem to decide if she was writing a story about classically evil vampires or the now-popular nice vamps, meaning it feels scattered and the reader is left scratching their head, trying to figure out what the author is trying to accomplish. The writing is dull and is hard to follow due to convoluted sentence structure.

1 Star


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