Monday, September 20, 2010

Wizard's Daughter by Catherine Coulter

Since he was young, Nicholas Vail has had strange dreams about a girl he has never met. His family says she is their debt, put upon the family after the life of a sailor was saved by a strange wizard, and that one of them will meet her and have to pay the debt. At a party in London he sees her, even though she is a woman and not a little girl anymore. When they fall in love both are left wondering what the debt is and how he will have to pay it. A mysterious book that her brother found may hold the key to their fate.

This book was highly mediocre. The writing was dull and slow, making it hard to stay focused on the story for a long period of time. The characters were not very fleshed out and there was a feeling that the author assumed you had read basically the same sort of tale often enough that there was no need to explain or describe anything. I was also bothered by the "magic solves any problems (including plot holes)" attitude; I like some method and structure to my magic.

It was a mildly interesting read, and probably a good choice for a day when you aren't in the mood for a serious book.

3 Stars


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