Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fix by Leslie Margolis

Cameron's life was changed by her nose job. She went from being teased and tormented to being a popular girl with a cute boyfriend at her new school. She is happy at last. But when her little sister Allie is scheduled by their parents for the same surgery, Cameron starts to look at herself again with criticism. Why settle for "pretty" when when "gorgeous" is an option with just a little more body work?

This was an interesting tale of two sisters and their ideas of modifying themselves. It also had some interesting and thought-provoking info about people's perception of plastic surgery. It is wrapped up in a cute, teen chick-lit-sounding cover description and story beginning which I imagine drags in readers who might not pick up a more serious seeming book about the same subject.

It was very well written considering it was the author's first book and that some of the characters are rather shallow people. This isn't the same as the author not creating proper 3-D characters, instead it is a case of the author skillfully showing that some people are just interested in things we consider shallow in our society, yet encourage young people to obsess over.

An enjoyable read, and one I would recommend to many people who like a quick read mixed with some hefty subject matter.

4 Stars

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