Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chi's Sweet Home: Volume 2 by Kanata Konami

This is a simple tale without complicated plot twists resulting in long, tricky explanations. It is about a little kitten and her family. It follows her day-to-day dramas, including the ones around a large, pushy black cat from around the neighborhood.

The art is too cute and perfect for expressing the dramatics of feline emotions. There were times (like during Chi's tantrum about having her food eaten by another cat or her excitement over the "muilk") that I was laughing out loud simply over the perfectness of the artwork. There were several panels that if someone printed them up poster-sized I would have an really hard time not buying. Definitely a book filled with "awww" moments and a few that will tug the heartstrings of cat-lovers. Those familiar with manga may be surprised to notice that it is in color rather than the more common black-and-white.
I haven't a single complaint about this book other than it makes me want more!

5 Stars

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