Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Death's Daughter, by Amber Benson

Callie is Death's daughter, or was until she put a Forgetting
Charm on herself and moved to New York City. Now her father's
assistant turns up and removes the spell, then informs her that
her father has been kidnapped. She must step into her father's
shoes and become Death. But meanwhile she must complete 3
tasks and find her father. This was so not what she thought her
life would be like.

When I heard Amber Benson had wrote a book I was excited. I
think she is a great actress and the interviews I have read and
watched had shown a sharp wit and active imagination. The plot
in this book is great and the characters good, but she
desperately needs a proper editor.

I am not a great hand at grammar or sentence structure, but I
think my kid sister who scored only 20% in her english test
would have made a better editor, that is how bad this is. I
thought the writing could have been quite good if their were a
few changes; such as not italicizing at least 5-10 words on every
single page! Or taking out the far too numerous so's, like's, kind
of's and the most annoying the "really, really's" which turned up
on almost every single page and often multiple times. I
wondered if the editor even read the book, as such blatant
errors as "...take the reigns while they..." and "...I was waste
deep..." should have been caught by the least competent editor!
I am rather horrified that this is sitting on bookstore shelves,
plainly they figured that Amber Benson's fame would sell the
book without the publisher doing any work.
2 stars,

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