Monday, November 23, 2009

Vampire Hunter D: Demon Deathcase, by Hideyuki Kikuchi

D has been hired to recover a girl supposedly kidnapped by
Mayerling, a vampire Noble. Also hired is the Marcus clan, a
cruel and violent group bent on killing every being with vampire
blood. As D tries find the girl before the Noble bites her or kills
her, he is at risk. Half-vampire and a skilled Hunter, he is hated
and feared by the Marcus clan.

I really like the Vampire Hunter D books. The writing is nice,
with only occasional rough spots in the translation. They are
very stand alone, in each D has a different mission. We see
recurring characters rarely. It has a very lonely, dessert-like feel.
The characters are always brilliant, and will make you laugh from
time to time, mostly because they are so spot on. D is a very
direct character which I like.
5 stars,

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