Thursday, July 19, 2012

Windcatcher by Avi

This book is about a boy named Tony Souza. While he was wondering what to do in the summer,
he walked into the Mart, and he saw a sailboat hanging from the ceiling. The outside was blue,
and the inside was white, and a wooden rudder in the back. It said “Snark” on the front. Tony
definitely wanted the sailboat. Soon, the arrangement was made, that a girl would teach him
how to sail, while Tony lives with his Grandma. One day, while he was on his own, he suddenly got
lost! He left his boat on an island and tried to swim. A strange couple in a motor boat found Tony
on an island. They saved him, and his Grandma found him.
I would recommend this story because it teaches you about the Rhode Island, and about
sailing. I really would like to recommend this book.

5 Stars


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