Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sword in the Stone by Terence Hanbury White

People say that fantasy books are all about dragons and dancing unicorns set in a magical, sparkling pixie-world; but, T. H. White brings you to a totally different fantasy world—into a place in England about ten centuries ago when knights hunt creatures, and kings and queens live in charming castles. The author leads you to everywhere in this whole imaginary world, showing his great skill in showing and understanding the characters’ emotions and painting a full picture in your mind.

Wart is a curious young boy who is easy-going with almost anyone. Wart needs to be trained as a squire and seek true adventure. One day on a hunting trip, Wart meets Merlyn, a magician. Merlyn changes Wart into different creatures like ants and badgers and sends him to difficult adventures that teach him lessons every time. Wart really enjoys being Merlyn’s pupil, taking the most unique adventures that no one else have ever done. Later, Wart meets many more people who help him on his journey. Wart finds out who he really is, and his life changes forever.

White thinks that having faith in yourself is very important, because he states that you can accomplish anything that might be difficult for you and also others, by trusting yourself. T. H. White has a big effect on every reader through Sword in the Stone, a pleasing treasure for all ages.

4 Stars

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