Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alex Ryan, Stop That! by Claudia Mills

Alex Ryan, Stop That! is a great book. When Alex angers Marcia, she gives him the silent treatment. He tries very hard to make her happy again, but fails. It looks like she will continue to not speak to him during the next few days of camp. In order to make her forgive him, he pulls a prank, but ends up twisting Marcia's ankle. Alex then runs to save her, and carries her back to the campsite in rain.  Marcia forgives him because of her fame, and everyone in town starts telling stories about Alex's save. Alex feels guilty because he was the one that caused the trouble in the first place, and finally announces during the last day of school his wrongdoing.
This book is excellent, and I would recommend it to other friends.

4 Stars

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