Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Queen of Air and Darkness by T. H. White

T. H. White shows the huge importance of love in his thoughtful book. Four children: Gawaine, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth, each tells stories about their parents late at night to one another; and as they speak, it is clear that they show a lot of respect to their mother, the magnificent Queen Morgause. She isn't completely interested in motherhood, but she has a desire to unlock her amazing magical powers as her beloved husband King Lot goes off to war against a king. Young King Arthur is still being tutored by Merlyn, the magician. Even though Arthur isn't much of the greatest student, Merlyn still tries to teach Arthur how to form a good society with his new kingdom. However, Arthur is disappointed, and would rather be going off to the world and fight like knights. Later, he finally gets a news from somewhere in the world that he at last can go fight with someone—with King Lot. They, King Arthur and King Lot, finally go off to the final war, and Arthur must defeat Lot.  After reading this book, I felt warmth rising up in my heart. This book actively tells so much about what you have to go through in life. However, this novel might be quite slow-going for some readers.

4 Stars
(Image is collection that includes The Queen of Air and Darkness)

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