Monday, August 29, 2011

Treasure Map of Boy by E. Lockhart

This was the third book in the Ruby Oliver books, and in it Ruby Oliver starts the second half of her junior year, still a social "leper" and still with a series of complicated relationships. Ruby stills pines for Noel, who is still unattainable due to her friend Nora. Her sophomore past still bothers her in the halls. Ruby loses her job. Soon everything reaches a boiling point and in an impulse decision Ruby soon finds her self with no friends at all. Will someone step up to help her?
It was fun to read to 2 previous books and then read this. In it Ruby is finally thinking less impulsively and you can't help but to cheer her on and be like a proud parent when she makes a good decision. Full of drama, as usual.

4 Stars

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