Friday, July 28, 2006

Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin

Liz Hall wakes up dead one morning. That's definitely not the
way to start off the day. At first, she thinks it's all a dream, but
then she remembers being hit by a car. Then she realizes that
she'll never fall in love, never get her driver's license, and never
see her family again. She spends most of her days on the
observation deck where passengers can peek into the lives of
their loved ones still alive. Liz's dead grandmother shows Liz
that death is worth living and that it's possible to have all the
things she thought she'd lost even if she's going to have to live
her life backwards.
5 Stars,
Maxine (Maxi)


  1. I found the book pretty sad, because instead of meeting God, she just went on as clueless about him as ever. sad.

    Plus it made God out to be as though there could be no such thing, since "He, She, or It" was whatever people believed "Him, Her, or It" to be. Therefore, there was no God at all...just what people thought in their own minds, nothing more. No originator. No beginning. Anyway...what would happen after the world ended or the earth burned up? Where would people go after the human race couldn't be reincarnated to earth anymore? It wasn't logical.

  2. i think that book was amazing, i was on a car journey and couldnt put it down and finished it that day!!! Very impressed with this new author