Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What My Mother Doesn't Know, submitted by Sonya

When I read this book I thought Wow. This book is a
bunch of poems- very powerful poems. What I like
about this book is that teens can actually say oh my
god; I’ve done that too. They can say this because Ms.
Sones is speaking from her real experiences. When
she does this, teens can learn about what not to do and
what to do. During a date for example. When you read
these poems you have to stop and think about it after
your done. Here is the poem on the back of the book:
My name is Sophie. This book is about me. It tells
the heart- stopping riveting story of my first love. And
also my second. And okay, my third love too. It's not that
I’m boy crazy. It’s just that even though I'm almost fifteen
it's like my mind and my body and my heart just don't
seem to be able to agree on anything.
Each poem gets more and more into your mind to
get you thinking more. Also is gets more powerful each
time your done with a page, so by the end of the book,
you are seriously like wow, this is somebody’s real
story, the embarrassing parts and the joyful parts.

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