Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sister of the Wolf

Sister to the Wolf, by Maxine Trottier
Sister to the Wolf is a historical novel set in Canada. The style in which it is written is reminescent of Ann Rinaldi, so if you liked any of her books, you'll most probaly like this. the novel is set in Canada, on the fronteir. It is about a young girl and the struggles she goes through to find a place in the world of the fronteer, and the choices she makes.
5 Stars,


  1. i read this book and i laughed cried and cheered for it over and over again i'm reading it for the 15th time and i recommended it to all my friends and they all say they love it the've recommened it to others who have love it the list just keeps going on and on

  2. I deffinitly agree to the with the comment below me. sister to the Wolf is an amazing book. I am currently reading it but it just keeps getting better and better. I have laughed,cried and cheered as it just keeps getting better. I would say its a romantic/historical fiction. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone

  3. I loved this book I have read it 3 times and reading it for the 4th time, it doesn't really matter how many times you read it, it still feels like the first times that you are read the book and I have laughed, cried, and cheered. I would recomend it to anyone who likes romance or historical or adventure because it has a little of each.I agree this is a amazing book. And is a good book for anyone.