Friday, July 28, 2006

The Shakespeare Stealer and Shakespeare's Scribe, by Gary Blackwood

The Shakespeare Stealer and Shakespeare's Scribe
I thought these books were superb. Excellent plot, good characters, and amazing history, both of these are keepers.
These books take place in England in the early sixteen hundreds.the first,'The Shakespeare Stealer' is about a boy who is sent to steal Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', but ends up joining the theater instead! Shakespeare's Scribe is a little more downcast; the Black Plauge hits London and forces the players, or actors if you will, to roam the country of England and preform in towns along the way.
So head down to the library and pick these up; you won't be able to put them down!
4 Stars,

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  1. I love these books as well. I own the first one in paperback and have read it so much that about the last 20 pages have fallen out and some other pages as well. I am a very careful person with books and most books I have had for 10 years have hardly any wear, I just read, and read and re-read this.