Friday, July 28, 2006

Chill Wind, by Janet McDonald

Chill Wind:
I really liked this book and it was very different from other books that I have read! It's very unbelievable, but fun.
4 Stars,

Saving Francesca, by Melina Machetts

Saving Francesca:
Francesca's life seems to be falling apart when her mother becomes so depressed she can't even get up. But she learns to cope and even makes some new friends. Very good, australian novel.
5 Stars,

True Confessions of a Heartless Girl, by Martha Brooks

True Confessions of a Heartless Girl
This is about a girl named Noreen who runs away with her boyfriends car and money. She ends up in a small town and makes some interesting friends. It was kind of boring.
2 Stars,

Prom, by Laurie Halse Anderson


I had a hard time getting into this book, but later I liked it a lot. It's not what you think it's going to be from the cover. The authors other book Speak is also really good!
4 Stars,

The Wall and the Wing, by Laura Ruby

The Wall and the Wing
This book was extreamly good!
I could not put it down! It was not at all boring in any part and there was no swearing. Swearing is an issue for me; it takes from the mood a boook gives.
It was a fantasy and was proud of it. It made you think about what these people were saying. It is our world only with magic and, well, the diolouge didn't beat around he bush. I went strait to the point, unblushingly.
I recomend this book to anyone who has memorized the Harry Potter series and wants something juicy.
5 Stars,

The Shakespeare Stealer and Shakespeare's Scribe, by Gary Blackwood

The Shakespeare Stealer and Shakespeare's Scribe
I thought these books were superb. Excellent plot, good characters, and amazing history, both of these are keepers.
These books take place in England in the early sixteen hundreds.the first,'The Shakespeare Stealer' is about a boy who is sent to steal Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', but ends up joining the theater instead! Shakespeare's Scribe is a little more downcast; the Black Plauge hits London and forces the players, or actors if you will, to roam the country of England and preform in towns along the way.
So head down to the library and pick these up; you won't be able to put them down!
4 Stars,

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader, by Kieaan Scott

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader:
I thought this book was very humorous, but a little cliched. It had a good storyline, but just like you expect, there is a happy ending, everyone makes up, and they win the regionals. What did surprise me was that Sand Dune didn't win the football match with their rivals. It was a interesting surprise. The charecter was just too perfect in a way. She gets the hot guy, has a load of friends, and has a hot older brother.
3 Stars,

Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements

Things not seen:
I use to think it would be pretty cool to be invisible, but once I read
how Bobby had to struggle with it, invisibility didn't seem that great
anymore. I thought the plot got a little crazy with the whole electric
blanket and Sears thing, but not so bad I wanted to stop reading.
4 Stars,
Maxine (Maxi)

Crusader, by Edward Bloor

I think this book was extremly dull. If you read the inside pannel, of course, it made it sound like an amazing book. But, once you start reading it you start to think, "Well, I guess I will give it a chance." Half way through I stopped and had to put it down. I couldn't stand it! There was no plot, no basis, no nothing. I finished it, but just barely. This is the second book for this author and I think it was a sad attempt at an award winner. The end is bacically the best part. You find out who murdered the main character's mother the end. Don't waste your time on amature books and read something worthwhile.
0 Stars,

Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin

Liz Hall wakes up dead one morning. That's definitely not the
way to start off the day. At first, she thinks it's all a dream, but
then she remembers being hit by a car. Then she realizes that
she'll never fall in love, never get her driver's license, and never
see her family again. She spends most of her days on the
observation deck where passengers can peek into the lives of
their loved ones still alive. Liz's dead grandmother shows Liz
that death is worth living and that it's possible to have all the
things she thought she'd lost even if she's going to have to live
her life backwards.
5 Stars,
Maxine (Maxi)

Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K. Rowling

Prisoner of Azkaban
This is one of my favorite Harry Potter books for several reasons. One of is that Voldemort is not in it. The second is that on of my favorite characters is established. I think that is you love all the other Harry Potters' this one is worth read and if you have already read it, read it again.
5 Stars,

Color of Magic, by Terry Pratchett

The Color of Magic
The Color of Magic is the first book of the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett. It tells the story of Twoflower, a tourist, and his magical guide, Rincewind. The pair travel throughout Discworld in an adventure that keeps the pages turning. Pratchett goes above and beyond the hum-drum fantasy of this day and age. Discworld introduces new concepts and ideas that have you pondering long after you've finished reading. From gods, to Death, to magical luggage, The Color of Magic is a fantastic read.
5 Stars,

The Amulet of Samarkand, by Jonathan Stroud

THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND: Bartimaeus Trilogy #1
Of all the fantasy books I've read, The Amulet of Samarkand is one of the best. From the first few pages, I was sucked into the worlds of Nathaniel and Bartimaeus. This first book in the Bartimaeus Trilogy sets the stage for Jonathan Stroud's best work.
5 Stars,

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
J.K. Rowling's most recent addition to the Harry Potter series lives up to the high standards set by the previous books. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is ridden with mystery, lies, intrigue, and of course, enchantment. It's a slightly more serious book, and it's directed more towards older readers, but that doesn't take away from the brilliant plot and dialouge.
5 Stars,

The Amber Spyglass, by Philip Pulllman

The Amber Spyglass
This is an awesome book about a girl. The fate of the world is in her hands, though she
doesn't know it. She meets a boy who gets a double sided knife, one side can cut through
anything, and the other side can cut portals to other worlds. This is the last book in a series,
so read the others first. #1 The Golden Compass #2 The Subtle Knife #3 The Amber Spyglass. Definitely read it!
4 Stars,

The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis

The Screwtape Letters:
This book was a series of letters from a devil uncle to his nephew. The nephew was training to become a devil. The letters describe all kinds of temptations and techniques that Screwtape would have used instead of what the nephew used.
This book is very interesting because it shows us what sorts of thoughts might be going through the devils mind when he tries to get people to stray off The Path.
5 Stars,

The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury
The Illustrated Man
I liked this book because it showed me what could happen in the future. The back of the Illustrated Man shows pictures-stories-of what will happen in the future. In the future we have reached a place and time where we don't even tie up our own shoe laces, where classical authors'works are burned.
The book also used Mars as a place where people lived- different people in different stories.
4 Stars,

Kissing Vanessa, by Simon Cheshire

Kissing Vanessa:
An okay book. Funny at the begining, but author loses his inspiration. Read only the begining.
1 Star,

HIdden Roots, by Joseph Bruchac

Hidden Roots :
This book is a good solid read. It illustrates what is means to be different, and also what is like to have parents who fight.
3 Stars,

Hidden Camera, by Zoran Zivikovic

Hidden Camera
This deep novel tells of an undertaker who discovers what it means to have an after life. It is a very hard read, and very hard to follow. It is however really good.
4 Stars,

Doing it, by Melvin Burgess

Doing It:
This funny and witty book tells of the sexual feelings of adolecents. Very sexually explicit, it sometimes is a little too "drawn out." It is highly entertaining and is worth your time.
5 Stars,

Monday, July 24, 2006

Catch, by Will Leitch

This book is very entertaining. Although sometimes a little melodramatic, Catch is funny, witty,and smart
5 Stars,

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Players, by Joyce Sweeney
I thought this book was very good. It kept you alert and focoused at all times. With constant action, this book keeps readers interested.
5 Stars,


Michael Chabon
Summerland, by Michael Chabon
I thouroughly enjoyed this book. Mr. Chabon draws you through a world full of creatures and magic. His style of writing is very descriptive and illustrates this fantasy very well.
5 Stars,

In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner is a book about two very different sisters. Maggie is the failure, the community college drop-out. She steals, cheats, and lies to get what she wants, and she inevitably ends up wreaking havoc where ever she goes. Rose is a slightly chubby lawyer with a huge self-confidence issue. Throughout the course of the book, the two sisters learn to appreciate the other's plight, and eventually come to realize their bond as sisters.
5 Stars,

Catherine Called Birdy

Catherine Called Birdy, by Catherine Cushman
Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman is a fantastic blast from the past. This book is written entirely from the point of view of Catherine, in a diary-style. Day by day Catherine describes the drudgery of her life on her father's medieval English Manor. From hiding from her suitors in the outhouse, to rolling in the mud with the blind sheepherder, Catherine does it all. This book is easy to pick up, and difficult to put down.
5 Stars,

Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine
Ella Enchanted is a great book for preteens. It's also an excellent choice for fantasy lovers. It's a fairytale type story, and it also has a very original storyline. Ella Enchanted encorporates fairy godmothers, magical books, enchanted soup, ogres, and bratty step-sisters. It's a fantastic book that can be read again and again.
5 Stars!

Dawn, by Erin Hunter

The warriors series is about cats who live in
clans. in this book, the four clans are
struggling to survive because people are
developing the forest they live in. they are
faced with a choice: to stay and end the clans
in the forest they were formed in, or to leave. 5

Sally J. Freedman Starring as Herself

Sally J. Freedman Starring as Herself, by Judy BLume
I read Sally J. Freedman Starring as Herself.This book takes place when World War 1 has just ended.Sally J. Freedman is an imaginative young Jewish girl whose brother keeps getting hurt/sick. Finally Sallys family decides to move to Florida for the winter. There Sally imagines that another man in her hotel is Hitler, goes to an old school, and makes new friends.This book is very good, I've read it at least 3 times.
4 Stars,

Ark Angel

ark angel, by anthony horowitz
of all the book series, alex rider is one of the
few that doesn't get old. 3 stars, but would like
to give it more.

Sister of the Wolf

Sister to the Wolf, by Maxine Trottier
Sister to the Wolf is a historical novel set in Canada. The style in which it is written is reminescent of Ann Rinaldi, so if you liked any of her books, you'll most probaly like this. the novel is set in Canada, on the fronteir. It is about a young girl and the struggles she goes through to find a place in the world of the fronteer, and the choices she makes.
5 Stars,

Kill Game

Kill Game, by Francine Pascal
This is a continuation of the Fearless series, by the same author. I really enjoyed that series, and consequently, this book. It moved at a very quick pace, had a very engaging plot and was hard to figure out. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
4 Stars,

America: A citizens guide to democracy in action

America: A citizens guide to democracy in action, by Stephen Colbert
A pure work of genuis. Loved it from page one to the last page. A really good read......NOT MENT FOR REPBULICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR anyone that likes bush or most of the current government.
5 Stars,

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Samurai Girl 1: The Book of the Sword, submitted by Helen

Carrie Asai
Samurai Girl 1: The Book of the Sword, by Carrie Asai
Samurai Girl 1: The Book of the Sword is an awesome book about a girl who is adopted by a rich family when her real family dies in a plane crash. The media names her "Heaven" because she is the lone survivor. In her new family she lives a pampered, sheltered life until her brother is disowned and she is told she must marry the slick son of another rich businessman. When her wedding is interrupted by a ninja, Heaven knows someone wants her dead. Instead, the ninja kills her brother when he attacke the ninja. Heaven is horrified, no one helps her brother, Ohiko, even her father turnes from him. Heaven grabs a ceremonial katana and runs, still in her bloodsoaked bridal kimono. She has a lot to learn about her family, and herself. As her brother says, "She can't trust her family." If you like danger, action and fighting, this book is for you. 4 stars.

Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, submitted by Catherine

Invasion oh the Boy Snatchers, by Lisi Harrison:
I loved this one just as much as the other books in the clique series.I thought the girl Nina gave this book a new flair, with the way she acts and tries to steel all three of the guys that alicia, claire, and massie like. but in the end every thing worked out. although this one i found not quite as like oh i wanna keep reading for hours and hours, even though i did :D .
i just think the other 4 books caught me a bit more. 5 Stars

The Pretty Committee Strikes Back - 5 Stars

Catherine wrote:

The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, by Lisi Harrison:
I loved this book and i'm dying for the next one to come out, the ending just kept me wondering what is going to happen next?
I enjoyed the drama of how the girls were so worried about the kissing and how massie lied to keep a good reputation.

It's Kind of a Funny Story gets 5 stars!

Kyla wrote:
It's Kind of a Funny Story, by Ned Vizzini
I've read Ned Vizzini's two previous books, Teen Angst? Naaah... and Be More Chill, and they were both hilarious. It's Kind of a Funny Story is also funny (heh), occasionally to the point where I was laughing out loud. It also hits on a different level though, and Craig's recovery is one of the most life-affirming things I've ever read.
If nothing else, read the book for the ending. While it's still directed towards Craig, it's also kind of a message for everyone who's ever fought battled against suicidal feelings.

The Wish Giver gets 4 stars from Tara

The WIsh Giver, by Bill Britian
i think it is a very good book and a interesting book to read. i would request this book to other people to read. they meet thid "wish giever" at a church socail where people sold things and one of them was a wish giver. you could one wish, which could be anything you wanted for fifty cents. if you paid him the money you would get a card with a red dot on the middle of it. then it turns into a big situation when everything goes wrong. because it is in the wish giver's terms not yours.

Here Be Dragons gets 5 stars from Kyla

Here be Dragons, by Sharon Kay Penman:
Sharon Kay Penman is often praised for how accurate her historical fiction is, but the real reason Here Be Dragons is so enjoyable is because of the characters. The minor characters have more depth than many author's heroes. But what of the main characters? There are three main characters, Llewelyn, the Welsh Prince, John, the English King, and Joanna, John's daughter whom he marries off to Llewelyn as part of a brief political alliance. Joanna is torn between them as the alliance falls apart, and her new position as Llewelyn's wife illuminates the flaws of the father she had previously adored unquestioningly. Much of the story is how Joanna comes to terms with her feelings toward John, and how this impacts her relationship Llewelyn. All three are masterpices, and John is perhaps the most intriguing of them all. He is ultimately unforgiveable, but, at the same time the reader finds him to be equally un-hateable.

Pride and Prejudice

I love this book, it is very well written with dialogue and mystery.

Mattimeo gets 5 stars

Mattimeo by Brian Jacques
I absolutely love Brian's books. This book is a must-read!

Fallen Angels gets 5 stars from Mark

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers
I loved more than any book i've ever read, and ive read a lot of books! i think that people should read it because its a good way to learn about the Veitnam war

The Dating Game, submitted by Susanne

The Dating Game
I thought the book was basically a light summer read, and thats what it was. It was light and fluffy, and very easy to read: the perfect beach book.

A Great and Terrible Beauty gets 5 stars from Gracie

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libby Bray.
My favorite book! It bothered me at first that it was written in present tense but i forget about it after i started reading. The plot is complex and the girls are relatable and life-like. A must-read.

How I Live Now gets 5 stars from Phoebe

The book how i live now, by Meg Rosoff, is the riveting tale of Daisy from America. After her failed life with her father and stepmother, Daisy is sent to live with her cousins and aunt in England. Soon after she arrives, Daisy's aunt goes away on business, and while she's away London is bombed. As the teenagers struggle to survive in this wartime environment, they bond together inseperably, and Daisy discovers her true self.
This book was a brilliant page-turner that I was barely able to put down. Daisy's viewpoints and attitude give her a striking realness, and the changes that she goes through during the war are astounding.

Stotan! gets 5 stars from Phoebe

Stotan!, by Chris Crutcher, is a book based around the universal theme of search for self. In this novel, four boys are asked by their coach to participate in a rigorous training regimen to prepare for their coming swim season. As a swimmer myself, I was able to identify with the boys, and understand their feelings. However, this book isn't only about swimming. It also describes the real problems the boys have to cope with, and how they come together to achieve their dreams. 5 stars

What My Mother Doesn't Know, submitted by Sonya

When I read this book I thought Wow. This book is a
bunch of poems- very powerful poems. What I like
about this book is that teens can actually say oh my
god; I’ve done that too. They can say this because Ms.
Sones is speaking from her real experiences. When
she does this, teens can learn about what not to do and
what to do. During a date for example. When you read
these poems you have to stop and think about it after
your done. Here is the poem on the back of the book:
My name is Sophie. This book is about me. It tells
the heart- stopping riveting story of my first love. And
also my second. And okay, my third love too. It's not that
I’m boy crazy. It’s just that even though I'm almost fifteen
it's like my mind and my body and my heart just don't
seem to be able to agree on anything.
Each poem gets more and more into your mind to
get you thinking more. Also is gets more powerful each
time your done with a page, so by the end of the book,
you are seriously like wow, this is somebody’s real
story, the embarrassing parts and the joyful parts.

Eragon, submitted by Casey

I love this book! It's kinda like Lord of the Rings, but has romance, mystery, adventure, and excitement. It really was amazing. I couldn't put it down! 5 Stars