Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Haunting by Joan Lowery Nixon

When Lia's great-grandmother dies she leaves her mother a house called Graymoss. The house has been haunted for generations and no one can live in it. Lia's mother refuses to believe the house is really dangerous and wants to move into it.

Lia will have to use the original owner's diary and a worn copy of a collection of Edger Allen Poe's stories to figure out how to drive the evil from the house.

The first of Nixon's book that I read and the one I still think is the best. The characters are solid and fleshed out, the plot avoids the tendency of many of her books to hit dead stops where nothing interesting happens, and, as a bookworm, I enjoyed the fact that most of Lia's sleuthing is done from home or the library using books in order to figure out how to chase the ghost out, rather than a Nancy Drew-ish method.

4 Stars

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