Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Sword of Shibito: Vol. 1 by

A groups of travelers are attacked and brought to a strange castle whose master is trying to resurrect his son, Shibito. When he finally succeeds his son has no knowledge of his past life, so he appoints one of the travelers, an pharmacist with few skills outside of his job, to keep an eye on him until he regains it.

When Shibito leaves the castle, can a mere pharmacist keep him from from indulging in mindless violence and help him discover his past?

This book is the first of the series, and the first half is terribly boring. It just throws new characters at the reader with little introduction or plot. The second half however shows real promise and the start of an interesting story. The characters seem like they could be quite interesting and the plot (while rather derivative of Frankenstein in this book) has a lot of potential.

The artwork in this manga is wildly inconsistent; some is truly beautiful and some parts look like rough sketches. I was really bothered by this. If you can create nice artwork, why settle for poor work? The fight scenes were kind of crowded and there was a sense of excessive dramatics during them.

3 Stars

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