Thursday, July 31, 2008

THE CAR, by Gary Paulsen

This book is very great,terrific.Itt's about a young male named Terry.He was left home and abandoned by his mother and father that couldn't get along.His father left a car behind that he didn't want,the car was in terrible condition,rusty and unbuilt.Terry built the car and began driving,and along his path he met a veteran name Waylon who has a good friend that is also a veteran name Wayne,that brung Terry on an fulfilling adventure that is a very intresting story.
5 Stars,

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  1. This is an awesome book so far!!!!!! I have not gotten very far but i like it because it deals with a car that is obviously powerful and that Terry had to rebuild which sound fun and i want to do it some day. It shows that you should not trust anybody either because of all the bolt not tightened it could have cost him his life!!!