Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Double Dutch, by Sharon Draper

This was a wonderful book that makes you think about how lucky you are.
Delia has trouble at school. She is in the eighth grade and can't read. Randy has problems at home. He hasn't seen his dad for a month. Their school is filled with fear of the Tolliver twins, two tough kids who tranferred to their school.They keep their troubles secret. The only thing that keeps them both from going under is double dutch. Delia jumps and Randy helps out. When twin tornadoes hit their school the double the Tolliver twins become heros. They turn out to be nice. Then, at the double dutch world championships both of their secrets come out. Delia's mom gets her help with reading and Randy
finds out what happened to his dad and he gets to come home.
This is a wonderful book with great character development.
5 stars

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