Monday, July 7, 2008

New Moon, by Stephanie Meyer

It is a very interesting read, the first and third books of the series are better but this one is still very interesting. Edward has left Bella because he thinks its too dangerous for her to be hanging with vampires so she turns to Jacob for help.
3 stars


  1. READ IT!!!!
    IT ROCKS!!!!

  2. You know i really think they should put the song, Hold by Superchick in New moon cuz it makes sense with the story line. especially when it comes to bella

  3. I found that this book was sexist. It suggested that a girl couldn't live without a boy in her life. If you've seen the new poster for the movie, I think it fits this book entirely. Edward looking out into the distance, Jacob looking at Bella, and Bella looking for Edward but hiding behind Jacob. That is exactly what this book is about. Bella cannot live without Edward, so she accepts Jacobs friendship, but really just takes advantage of him, trying to make herself better when she should care about everyone, not just her.