Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cirque du freak, by Darren Shann

i liked the series of the cirque du freak it showed how a boy gave up everything to help someone he loved even thought the loved ones feelings were hurt. i have only read the first 9 i cant wait to get the rest i suggest this book to any reader of the ages 10 +.
3 Stars,


  1. i love the cirque du freak books ive been looking for the 2nd book but i cant find it i hope its like the first one .
    I would recomend this book to anyone.I love the cirque du freak book because it makes you want to read more and darren shan made it so you just want to keep reading

  2. I read thease books in a juvinile facility and at first i just read the 3rd book and then realized theres a series. I was in there for a while soo i read the whole series. I love them!! I got out and i started to go to the library and i found his new series that i now have the new three books.I love the imagination it brings and the humor and the characters are great. I plan to buy all the books and keep them as collection. cali<3