Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Soldier Boys, by Dean Hughes

At age fifteen DIeter gets enrolled into the German army. He thinks he can prove that he is brave and strong, and can make an impact on people. SPence is sixteen, and he dropped out of his Utah high school to become a paratrooper. His family doesn't think he can do it so he wants to prove that he can really be something.
One problem with both of them is they think the war is going to end before they can make any difference to the world and even to themselves.
Spence tried telling his father that he was going to the army and his father didn't think he can do it. He went and enrolled to the army and by the time war came, he was very nervous.
Dieter wanted to stand up for his country and gain freedom so he went to the German army to prove that he was something anyone can be. He to was powerful and brave until the war started.
They both were really frightened and scared with having to kill alot of innocent people and watch the look on their faces; in their eyes before they died. they were very depressed troughout the whole war. It was something they thought, they would never see; never want to see.
I loved this book. as soon as I started reading it, it brought me into it and it was great.

5 Stars,

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