Thursday, August 7, 2008

Search for the Red Dragon, by James A. Owen

I have recently read the interesting book Search for the Red Dragon by James A. Owen.
One of the things that I really like about James’s writing is that he takes simple, solid facts from the past and he creates a very interesting story about how that thing came to be. Like when he took the fact that James Barry wrote the book (or play?) Peter Pan and he made a whole background telling how Barry went to live with the lost boys in another world and came back and wrote a book about his adventures.
James does this many times in his book. I like it when he puts things like that in the book because it makes it seem more real, like these things really happened and were recorded in history, but people never got the whole story. It also makes me think when he does things like that. Who knows what could have happened?
This is a really delightful book and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
4 Stars,

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